The Produce Stage

(This will now be my 2nd post to the MVPS blog about ID! Trying to summarize all the work we’ve been doing is really hard. I mean I didn’t even get to mention MODA and FUSE15 work we did last Thursday, but in my opinion the majority of the work we’ve done in the last few weeks was around actually bringing the iStudio to life and hopefully I captured that.)


It has been a busy last few weeks in Innovation Diploma.

A few of us had another meeting with Dr. Jacobson and we discussed further about what work we could start doing on the iStudio. Then 2 weeks ago a bunch of us came over the weekend to paint the room. You know that you are doing meaningful work when you have a group of students dedicated enough to choose to come to school for over 10 hours total on the weekend to keep working on something they are passionate about.

We now have the color walls done, got rid of the desk and replaced it with a rolling cubby system, and have chalkboard and whiteboard stickers on the barn door connecting our space with Ms. Depetris’ art room. It’s been really great to see the room come to life because so often it seems like we go through a ton of work discovering, empathizing, and experimenting, but then we don’t really complete that last produce phase because we run out of time or don’t have enough dedicated people working on a project.

It’s all been really cool and exciting! We aren’t done yet though. Currently we are designing our workable mural wall. We are taking pages from MVPS’ DEEP Playbook* to inspire the wall and then we are going to cover it in clear whiteboard paint so that we can use the wall as many times as we want for working on our ventures. We’re also still trying to figure out exactly which tables we want to get, so we are currently prototyping with some tables with wheels from another part of the school.


On April 2nd, all of the MVPS Upper School had iFest which was a day devoted to celebrating all of the hard work students have been doing this year on their iProjects. ID cohort members do not do traditional iProjects like the rest of the high schoolers because we incorporate that project time into our cohort work time and use the time to further our venture work. While we are not technically a part of iProject, we still wanted to showcase some of our work during iFest. We decided to turn our iStudio into the iFest Tech Lounge for the day which served a few purposes: we shared the ID story, we promoted the “fun” aspect of iFest while helping share the iProject story, and we took some observations on how people used our space as a coffee house environment.

We had our room all cleaned up and rearranged the furniture so there were little groups with a table of coffee and food in the back to make the room have that coffee house feel to it. We love the idea of a coffee house because it is in those little places when people bump into each other and start talking, that great ideas come from. To also share our story, we also had a picture timeline wall outside with some paintings done by Kathleen Weber as well as a TV that was playing some of our ID videos on loop.

We decided to split into two teams for iFest, so team “i” started in the studio inviting people to enjoy our lounge and also sharing the ID story to people, while team “D” took small whiteboards and explored the rest of the projects while telling the story of iFest on social media through quick pictures. (Check out#MViFest on twitter to see some of the awesome stuff that was happening!!)

Even though iFest is over, we are still hard at work to make our room into a flexible and creative work space for the ID cohort and I’m excited for the work to continue in the weeks to come!

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