The Meeting-Doing Balance


It is hard to be a leader, and the toughest part is when you have to make decisions.

The coVenture team for the iStudio has currently been downsized to 3 people (appose to the 7 before iFest) of us who are concentrating on working out the details behind our workable mural to get that up.

We had made great progress today figuring out the dimensions we wanted for different figures and started to make to scale prototypes so we could move them around on the wall. Then we got to the tricky part: what is the best way to actually have those figures on a useable wall?

The first thought from the past week or so was to make vinyls of the figures and then cover them in the clear white board paint after they are on the wall. However, we are worried that the expo powder gunk would build up to much where the seams are, and the seams may just be hard to write over in general. The vinyls also pose a problem with instillation because we would really need a professional to put them on.

Another thought was to create stencils for our figures and paint them onto the wall. There is a larger human margin for error during the actual installation process, but we would avoid a change in level and we could do this ourself. The question with this option is if the overall design will play off and still look professional.

After our group meeting today with a few mentors we got to what seemed a little bit of a stuck point, and now I’m on the off beat, to use music terms, with how to move forward. I think we’ve been doing a lot of talking and need to start “doing” more, but I’m not sure what that looks like right now.


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