Team, Unit, One


OPENING NIGHT WENT WELL!!!!!!!! Ah it is so refreshing to get through a good show. So proud of all of the MVPAllstars with their performances today!

We had members represented from the lower, middle, and high schools as well as some faculty and special guests that all helped make this show come to life. The whole concept of the show is really about community and the old fashion way of verbal storytelling. To help with this concept, we serve a fried chicken dinner before show and desert during intermission for all of the cast and audience.

I must admit, it is really weird to be talking to audience members through out the show and to go into the audience at moments, but at least everyone went along with it. (Even when I fell off the side of the stage at one point while trying to go up on the risers in the audience.)

When we have a big audience like tonight it reminds me how blessed I am to be at a school with such a great community that is constantly expanding and developing more times to interact.

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