“Love it While it Last”


“It’s been a long long road we’ve had to go, while time flowed slow and fast, the world kept going past, but I know we’re gonna love it while it last”

This is a few lines from one of the songs in Cotton Patch Gospel, and it’s the one that resonates with me now that the show is over. This is the shortest amount of time I’ve ever had for putting on a production (less than a month), yet it felt like a “long road” because of how quickly a lot of work had to happen. (“Love it while it lasts” was also the quote we put on the back of the pillow case we made for Mr. Taylor’s closing night present.)

Saturday was closing night, and since this was our last show of the year, it was also the last MVPS show for all of our seniors. It’s always a sad night when we know that we have to say good bye to people.

It’s hard to imagine not having this years seniors again next year because two of them (out of the three) have been in just about every performance since being in high school. Even when we only had our 7 person cast for Welcome to Nightvale, they were 2 of the 7.

The craziest part for me is that with them leaving, next year I will have been in the most high school performances out of anyone still at MVPS.

It’s been hard already with out having the leadership of last years seniors, and while the ones this year weren’t as big of leaders, I still can’t imagine them not being here but alas that is the way things work; people must leave and new people must take over their responsibilities.

My family is having to move very soon because the house we have been renting for 9 years is going to be torn down, so we will move either in June or July. We have been planning on moving for years, but we just hadn’t been ready to yet with the gym and everything. Now that we finally are it is exciting! It’s also weird to think about though because when we talk about which house we would prefer to live in, we always bring up how I will only be there for 2 years. That’s so crazy!!!!

This year seems to have gone by so fast, and to think I’ll be a junior next year seems so odd to imagine. It wasn’t until drama ended that I realized how close this school year is to being over, yet there still seems like there is so much to do.


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