Flexing DT Muscles


Today I got to work with the Wonder by Design team to help with the new high school building. It was cool that most of the team remembered me from past times we’ve met, and almost all of them asked about how my blog has been going which always makes me happy to hear. I also got to hear more about the awesome stuff Stanford does (specifically the d. School) which always makes me giddy with ideas.

To add to all of that, it was really fun to brainstorm with some other students about the future of Mount Vernon and it makes me so happy to know how much they are involving students in this process; I mean students are a large part of the population of users.

It has been especially nice to be a participant of a design challenge because I’ve been doing a lot of facilitating lately, and as much as I love that, it’s fun to flex my creative muscles in the process. Tomorrow I shall get to participate in another challenge because a the team of students that is going to Finland and Sweden this summer (lead by two ID members) is going to be running a flashlab for students at this conference with them. It is going to be a great opportunity and I’m a little jealous I can’t go. Tomorrow they are running their first prototype of the flashlab and I can’t wait to see what they have come up with.

I can’t believe it is only Wednesday, this week has just felt so busy, and I still have 2 quizzes, a test, and a mock trial, plus it is Mustang Rally on Friday which is like a carnival and field day combined!

This year is almost over and it seems like everyone is making that last push to cram some knowledge in our heads which is a little stressful, but hopefully we will finish strong. (I say as I am about to fall asleep typing and still have work to do…)


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