The Power of a Scrimmage


Today I had the most fun soccer game ever!

So we were all worried because we only had 10 players (we had one extra show up) and our coaches were leaving (therefore Todd was what we call our 4th string coach that was going to be there) and then we thought the game was going to be 40 minutes late but we were on the other field.

But then they show up with 7 players and one is in a cast…

So instead, they forfeited and we scrimmaged with 30 minute halves. We played all 10 of us and they had their 7, both of our coaches, and their coach, plus someone’s sister so they had a sub until our main coach left.

(So we coached ourselves the entire game and I was captain and had a fun time with their captain as well as making decisions on starting line up and our half time talk. And we had basically an entire team of mids which made for an interesting line up of mainly offense.)

We still were up 2-0 at half time.

Then for the 2nd half (at this point both of our coaches who were dominating their team, had left) so they added another sister and got one of the refs to play for them who started playing easy then realized they couldn’t play and we could get around him at that level, so he started having fun and playing full out. (He did score once, after we lost all of our defense and had someone random in goal)

We lost 2 girls and were at this point playing 12-8. And with their coach being an amazing goalie we still won 5-1.

Had it been a real game, I wonder how things would have been different.

I felt like everyone on the field was really laid back about everything. I mean their team joked at the beginning that we would crush them, but they were awesome sports and I really admired their spirit and drive. They didn’t want to forfeit, but they didn’t have close to enough to play. They were then all really enthusiastic when we said we wanted to scrimmage anyway just for fun and were laughing with us about how much fun the game would be while playing with a bunch of random extra coaches and family members.

At half time the coaches asked if we would play a second half or not and the ref said it was up to us, and we all (from both teams) wanted to keep going because it was so much fun to not have to really take it seriously and just try out stuff we wouldn’t normally do in a game.

I love having the opportunity to have fun with skills you’re developing. I wish we had more metaphorical “scrimmages” in school where we could just play and have fun with skills in a low risk environment, and it is even more fun when mentors and outside guests get involved in the action too!

Plus, not only was the game a lot of fun, I felt like I was practicing my skills as a leader a bunch too. I’ve been playing soccer for at least 10 years now, and I’ve been playing with this coach for about the past 5 years I think. When I had texted my coach before the game about uniform stuff, he also mentioned that when he left early that I was in charge. To be honest, I wasn’t trilled about playing this game just because I was tired after getting up at 7:30 (which is much earlier than normal for me on a Saturday) and then coaching all morning because people are out of town. When we found out it was a scrimmage, we all started to get a little more energetic because since our coaches were on the other team we were on our own the entire game and not just the end. Which also meant, I was captain the entire game.

I lead warm up, helped lead the process of us figuring out our line up, and at half time I got the team together to talk about what we needed to do better in the second half and how we were going to set up when we lost people. Now I’ve done most of this before at times, but typically with a coach around still or during practice. There has been situations in the past where our two teams (we are so big that during some seasons we have two teams) play each other, so the older girls would coach ourselves; however, I was always one of the younger girls on the older team so I was just kind of going through the motions back then while the older girls would lead.

Today was one of those days where I really felt like a leader during the game and could feel myself being more talkative (in a productive way) on the field too. Just another growing up moment. 🙂

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