Innovation Bingo 2

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SO MUCH BAND TODAY!!!!!!! For 1st and 2nd period I got to go over to the lower school to practice for band, and then we had our last concert of the year! Plus it was movie themed so all of the songs except for one was from a film which made it even more fun!!!!

It was yet another moment when it was time to say good bye to our seniors, and everyone realized how close this school year is to being over. I only have about 2.5 weeks left (assuming nothing goes horribly wrong and I’m able to exempt my final exams because of having As in my classes).

Now in most situations students would just be super excited that there is such little time left and they would be dying  to get out of school for the summer. However, I still have so much to work on!!!!!! I feel like there are 3 different ventures at least that I’m still in the process of and really need to have some substantial things done before we loose the connivence of school where we can easily see people everyday.

I never could have imagined thinking of school as a connivance, but in this situation it is pretty helpful to be able to see your cohort and team members everyday.

I really wish we could just go to school, but have all day be devoted to ID so we could work on venture work. (The only struggle is in those moments where you just feel a little stuck or brain dead from so much work and maybe need someone to help push you with a little more structure. )

Now I in no way believe that my iVenture work will come to a stand still over the summer; however, I wonder how productive we will all be especially without the push of the cohort being there in person everyday.

With summer coming up soon, it reminds me of when I started this blog. (I’m a little over 300 posts now so it has almost been a full year!!!)

The official reason I started blogging was because we were given an Innovation Bingo for our summer before the first year of ID. On this sheet one of the challenges was “start a blog” and another was “take the 100 days challenge and do something for 100 days in a row and reflect on your growth”. Well I saw these two as something that could easily be put together, so I challenged myself to blog for 100 days in a row. (Challenge accepted and challenge complete!)

Last year’s bingo went pretty well, and it’s making me think that we need an Innovation Bingo 2 with challenges for this year. What will be on this new bingo list thought? That is the question on my mind right now.

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