The Day We Colonised Another Planet in Class

I was just doing History homework and thinking about how boring reading a textbook is in my opinion. Then I was thinking about a challenge I have for some of my friends who love history/English: what if instead of a history textbook we had a series of stories that each took you through the life of someone during a time period? These stories would need to actually have a plot line and some character development and some interesting moments so they keep you engaged like a text book doesn’t.

Then I went on my computer to blog further about that idea (probably some others would have come up) when then I see an email with this blog post. I read it and was giddy with excitement!!!!

This stimulation sounds like so much fun!!!! And it connects so well with what we’ve been talking about in both English and history this year. I would love to see a similar project implemented at MVPS!!!!

Steve Mouldey

Mountain on Planet Epic: resource to utilise or sacred ground? Mountain on Planet Epic: resource to utilise or sacred ground?

This post is being jointly written by Danielle and Steve and cross-posted on both of our blogs (you really should check out Danielle’s blog it is awesome). We are co-teaching a Science and Social Studies module called Post-Mortem for the first half of this year. This post is to share a learning experience that we designed to kick off the second term of our course: colonising another planet.

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