Plan, Practice, Preform


Today was really nice. I felt oddly focused and calm all morning which happens every now and then where I’m just abnormally quite compared to normal. Then by the time the end of the day came we had FUSE15 flight school and I was wide awake!!!

For the first week in June this year, MVPS is hosting a big design thinking conference that is going to be helping 4 non profit organizations. We are having primarily educators from around the country coming in for FUSE15 and it should be awesome! We are also, for the first year, having a group of teachers and students be the coaches during the conference. I’m really excited to be a coach and today was nice because we were working with our organization teams for the first time and started our discovery phase to learn more about our user.

Then I went straight to acro after that great, quick meeting for FUSE15. I only had 45 minutes of time for acro tonight, but my partner and I finally finished learning our new routine so that we can be ready to preform 2 routines at our spring in house meet at Jump Start. We are the first pair we’ve had to get all the way to level 8 with two complete routines which is super exciting! (Well a few of the skills are still a little rough, but we have done them all before even if not consistently.) When we do preform, in a few weeks, it will be the first time we have done these new routines and I really hope they go well because I think the more advanced we get, the more people with think acro is cool and want to join too! (Well that’s the hope at least.)

Then to close the night off I participated in the first ever “The Cup” show at MVPS which was basically a talent show for the high school. It wasn’t the best organized as far as pre planning and practice, but that is expected with a first time for anything especially when it is organized completely by students because they have less experience. However, it ended up being really good and a lot of fun. Way more people than anyone expected ended up coming which made some people a little nervous, but even the few that felt bad because they messed up a little, pulled it off really well and no one noticed.

I’ve said before that the high school should have a talent show and I’m really glad we did because we have some talented students at MVPS. I hope this tradition continues and I can’t wait to see how it grows; I’d love to see some more unusual acts in the future.

I did a mime for the show tonight and it went really well especially since I had never done a big performance of one of the mimes I know before today. A lot of people said they really enjoyed it and a few said it brought them to tears even; it’s always great to hear that you really affected your audience because that is how you know you put on a good performance. 🙂

Over all it was just a good day of planning, practicing, and preforming.

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