Write it Down or Be Left in a Puzzle

Photo on 5-4-15 at 11.11 PM

Earlier today I know there was something I was thinking about that I stopped and thought, “this would make an interesting blog post,” but I’ve been sitting here thinking for about 15 minutes and can not remember. I even texted a friend that I know was there at the time.

When you have a good thought, write it down. I even thought to myself, “I should write this down-nah I’ll just hope I remember it.” However lately, the things I think about during the day have become harder and harder to remember come my blogging time.

For some unknown reason, with all of the work I really need to get done by Wednesday, I started looking up logic puzzles. I guess that’s because that is what I’m feeling like right now–like I’m in a puzzle. I’m just trying to fit all of those pieces together, and I just can’t quite see the full picture yet.

I feel bad about counting down the days until summer (can’t wait especially for #FUSE15 and Nerd Camp!!!!), but it just seems like we are doing so much in such a limited amount of time that I don’t even feel like I’m truly enjoying the stuff I am excited for in these last few days. My mind is just in a constant over thinking and stress mode to the point of where I really think I’m even spending too much time writing this…


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