The Two Kinds of Groups


There is such an interesting contrast between being more of the learner or leader in a group.

I mean yes I argue often that you are learning while leading, but it is a different type of learning that I’m not quite talking about this time.

The best way I can think about it is with group work. The way I see it, there are two main different types of groups you can be put in to. Sometimes you are working with people that are all “on the same level” as you as far as your experience with a topic and your willingness to work on a project. Other times you may be in a group because other members would benefit from having your leadership.

I guess I just hadn’t quite thought about this before and it was intriguing to me because I think you really learn the most from experiencing a balance of working in both types of groups. It helps to work on your leadership skills by working with different people, but it also helps to work with “people at your level” at times so that you can grow yourself developing skills.

This is all super vague just because I don’t really have any specific moment this refers to. The thought just kind of came to mind while thinking about all of the last groups projects that have been assigned to us recently.

(And now more studying…)

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