Just for Fun

CEaKDFKWEAAi33U(Team Fantasia)

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See when you work in a company, it isn’t always about work for every single waking moment you’re are with your cohort; sometimes you just do things for fun to be together!

ID today went on a secret adVenture after the honors assembly this morning. At around 9 we all got to change out of uniform and hopped in a bus to ride off to an unknown destination. We ended up going to Stars and Strikes where we were able to go bowling, play laser tag, and do a bunch of fun arcade games!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We divided up into two teams to start off: team Fantasia (sophomores, Margaret, and Boa) versus team Gummy Bears (freshman, Jackson, and Ms. C).

Team Fantasia had some awesome competitive spirit and started and finished strong taking first place in all of the competition categories!!! A lot of people had some first times and learning experiences when it came to bowling and laser tag specifically. Margaret and I also had some great new startup ideas! I don’t want to revile too much but I’ll say this, the working title is called “Project Notebook”.

We ate lunch there too and came back right before 5th period around 1:10. It was such a great day and I loved having that break from the stress of all of the “before finals” chaos.

As we start to close out this first year in ID, I think it is really important for us to remember that at the root of all of the different work we do, we are still just one big team. People join a team because they love the work that the team does, and it never hurts to take a break from the work side of things to just focus on the love for the team.

School can be so fun at times if we let it be. When’s the last time you went bowling with cohort members during school?

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