Schools Out!


I’M DONE; I’M OFFICIALLY ON SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (So I guess that means I’m officially a junior… Wow. That makes me an Upper Classman…Still processing that one because it just seems too crazy to be true.)

Ah it feels great to be able to exempt final exams because of good grades because now I get a whole extra week of summer! Today I took my first ever AP exam, and I must say I felt pretty good about it. AP World is supposedly one of the hardest AP exams, and while some of the multiple choice I didn’t quite know, I think I rocked the essays (hopefully my thought is correct)!

Because of the AP I got to leave at 11:30ish technically but I stayed to watch the finals of Kemps Khaos. A) I wanted to stay. B) I think it makes sense for the president and founder of the club to be there for the championships.

I still can’t believe it is actually the end of the year. It seems like so much has happened.

I founded Kemps Khoas as an official club. ID was founded and the Disney Cohort came together. I lead business leaders through many a design thinking challenges. I took my first AP course. I went to San Francisco. I sat back stage at Wicked. I had my biggest drama fail (#failup) as well as many successes like our biggest production that we’ve ever done. I managed to participate in all of the band concerts by working on pieces outside of school on my own. I started a Twitter account. Plus I kept of this blog for almost a full year now! (This is post 324!!!!)

I’m still trying to process that all of this happened and this is just some of it!

With summer coming up it makes me think about when I started this blog and I had no idea what to blog about. I felt so confused, but I was just going to go with it. Seems like it worked out pretty well. I’m actually really glad I had started over the summer and not during the school year because it encouraged me to take special notice of learning outside of the classroom.

As the summer starts I hope to continue this blog with how I started, by observing, learning, and reflecting without having to be in a classroom. (Well I mean Nerd Camp #DukeTIP is still kind of classroom, but the idea is still there!)


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