Game Changing


Today I got to hang out with a bunch of my friends and it was the first time that it really started to feel like summer!

We decided to come over to my house this time, and we had decided before hand that we wanted to mix it up and do something other than just play video games the entire time. We stayed true to this rule and found some unopened game that looked like it could be fun from my cabinet of games and played it.

It actually ended up being really fun! It was almost like a game somewhere in between Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. One player per round would be the story teller and read out a category like “a poorly thought through idea” and then every player would write down a potential answer and hand it to the storyteller. The storyteller would then mix up the answers and read them out loud. After they were all read at loud the player to the left would try to guess who gave what answer and if they were wrong the guessing would continue in a circle. You would get a point for every correctly matched answer to player and two points if your answer was the last one matched to you.

We didn’t expect the game to be too fun at first, but it ended up being really interesting. Potentially the best round was the last one because we decided that everyone’s answer had to be some combination of  previously given answers. We ended up with answers that were actually really hard to guess who wrote them which made the game even funnier because the answers were practically gibberish!

When playing a game you are typically given some directions and rules to follow, but often times things get more fun when you are able to create your own rules and design your own way to play based off of what you learned from the original game plan.

Creativity, imagination, and sometimes a little rule bending can often make for a fun time with new and interesting discoveries about the joy behind the game. Being able to successfully create a new agreed upon game amongst a group of peers really shows that you have a deep understanding of the game itself because you know what limits to stress or un-stress. What if these same principles apply to the game of life?

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