A Trip Down Memory Lane


Today was such a day of memories.

I was working on packing up my room more for when we move in a month or so and it was amazing how many old objects I found that I remembered exactly when I got them. Like an ancient toy set from Greece, my umbrella hat from when I went to Puerto Rico in 4th grade, the hat I wore to my first concert, a mini Apples to Apples set I got as a prize from my 8th grade teacher and then continued to carry it around for the rest of the year in my pocket. And those were just a few of the things I found.

Then when I got distracted some at the gym today, I started making my Book of Quotes into a digital copy. This brought back some hilarious memories from just earlier this year! And with just about every quote I remembered the story behind when it was said. (After reading who said it. I’m glad I kept track of that too.) And some of these quotes were pretty random like:

“The computer factors in that you will catch on fire.”

“I don’t hate animals, I just love myself more.”

“It’s near the big hat inside the dinosaur.”

“Unless ninjas attack, look up.”

Then just a few moments ago my friend and I were talking about old projects from middle school as she went through her google drive account that she had before our MVPS accounts. This brought back some annoying memories from bad group projects and in my case an annoying email malfunction, but is also brought up great times like the first project we ever worked on together.

I personally love those days where you just constantly find things that make you think of the past because then you also get to see how far you’ve come since then. It’s just amazing how little things can trigger memories so easily sometimes. Even the most random and seemingly trivial details somehow pop back into your head.The human brain is pretty awesome that way.


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