Focused Work


When you have a big project to work on, it is amazing how helpful it can be to just dedicate a large chunk of time for working on it.

It’s funny because usually when I say project I would think of summer school work I’m doing, but this time I just mean packing for when we move. (I’m finally getting to see our hopeful new home tomorrow before THE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!!!!!! So excited for tomorrow!!!!!)

Today I stayed at home all day and was pretty much in my room the entire time trying to sort through y stuff and put it in various boxes. I’ve lived in about 8 or 9 different houses in my life, but this is the first time I really feel like I’m helping with the moving process just because the last time I was only 7.

I think I was pretty productive today though, and I think it really helped that all I did was work at this one thing. I’m one of those people that often gets stuck doing a ton of different things at once, so it can be hard for me to only work on one thing. However, when I am able to dedicate that specific time I always feel more productive.

It’s kind of like how we say “you have to go through 50 ideas before you can maybe find a good one.” Well similarly, sometimes it takes an hour or so before you really get into the good strong work that helps you get your project done faster.

I’m gong to challenge myself this summer to rather than working on a bunch of stuff for a little in one day (like math, reading, research, prepping for camp stuff, etc…) to try and spend more focused time on a few or maybe even one thing a day. I wonder how this will effect the quality of the work I do. Well, I guess I’ll give it time and we shall see.


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