Living History

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The Renaissance Festival was so much fun today!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh and the house we will hopefully be moving into also was pretty nice!)

I love the Renaissance Festival because we get to dress up in costumes and just have a fun time exploring all of the cool items from that time period. I love the clothes, art, food, games, and shows that they have at the festival and I really love seeing so many enthusiastic people there! There was even an acro show and my coach and I think we could totally get some of those skills they did! I really don’t know what it is about the Renaissance (and medieval times too)  but it has always been my favorite time period.

Maybe it is because I grew up hearing fairy tales about popular ideas from then (everyone loves to tell stories about dragons and fairies right?). Or maybe it is because  I’ve been going to the festival since before I really even started to learn about the Renaissance in school, so when we did start to learn about it, I already felt excited due to my excitement at the festival. Maybe it’s just because the Renaissance is one of those few times in history class where the primary focus is on the happy stuff that happened rather than stuff about wars and conflict.

What’s your favorite time period to study? Why?


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