Loving Reading


I love reading. It’s weird to say because I’m not one of those people that can always be found with a book in hand and will finish one a week. That just isn’t me, but I feel like sometimes if you don’t fit that kind of “book worm” mold, then you aren’t necessarily considered to be someone that enjoys reading.

Just because I may not be the most avid reader doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy reading. I often find myself without the time to just do pleasure reading, and then when I actually have time it just is hard to get started. However, if I start a good book, then I will happily read it.

The problem occurs when I have a book I need and maybe want to read, but I can’t get really into it.

I’m currently reading The Art of Innovation. For ID next year we decided that we would read this over the summer and also the title itself just seemed interesting to me, especially since it is about IDEO and ever since actually visiting IDEO in San Francisco I’ve just found them to be even more amazing! However, I’m close to page 65 now and I still don’t feel hooked.

The book has posed some interesting thoughts occasionally, and it has some interesting example stories of products they’ve helped bring to market with the help of design thinking. But to be honest a lot of what it says I just kind of nod my head to myself and think “yup, so true, we’ve talked about this a bunch before so I can relate.” Now I by no means what so ever would ever say I have nothing else to learn about design thinking, but so far this book hasn’t really pulled me in with anything that just makes me stay up all night pondering.

The only thing I’m pondering about is why I can’t get into the book, and if I’m having trouble I imagine some of my cohort members probably are, have, or will have trouble too.

I mean seriously what is it about some books that just make you not want to put it down? I mean there are obviously different elements to every story that makes it interesting, to name a few: the language used, the character development, the major plot line, the over all style, etc…

What really makes me curious is why you can want to read a book and yet have trouble picking it up and reading it without constantly being distracted. I’ve even had some great thoughts while reading this book where I’ve taken a picture and shared it with people, but I still haven’t had “this is an amazing book moment”.

When I read a book that is the moment I wait for. The moment when I finally just can’t stand how great the book is so I have to just stop and tell people how much I’m loving it. The moment when you find yourself getting yelled at to turn the lights off and go to bed, but all you want to do is read more and more. The moment when you find yourself prioritizing reading over the millions of other things you could (and sometimes should) be doing. The moment when you try to go to sleep but just constantly find yourself thinking. The moment when it feels like you can’t read fast enough because you just want to absorb all of the words as quick as you can to find out what happens next. Then the moment when you finish and can only dream to find another book just as great someday soon.

And that’s how I know I love to read, because I get excited and anxious and trilled to have one of those moments.

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