Jump In


Of all of the random ways to be inspired, tonight I was inspired from a song from the musical The Book of Mormon. It’s a very catchy song my best friend and I will constantly get stuck in our head called “You and Me (But Mostly Me),” and the line that inspired me tonight was “So quit singing about it and do it!”

My friends and I have a joke about the “procrastination train”. When we find ourselves procrastinating to get something done by doing odd things, typically involving music and the internet and lots of texting, we will say that we are on the procrastination train and will mention the various stops that we are on.

Lately I’ve spent an oddly large amount of time at my house now that school is out and I haven’t left for various states yet. I’m really not use to being at home alone so much and frankly it is almost bothersome at this point because I’m so use to being constantly busy and on the move and talking with lots of people. While at home, besides watching Gilmore Girls with my family, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and packing and that’s been about it. Even though I’m still doing things that need to be done, I can’t help but feel like there are so many other things that I should be working on and even reading has been starting to make me a little anxious about stuff.

Today as I was reading and getting stressed I started texting my friends and finally was convinced that I just needed to stop reading and do something else. So finally I was able to “quit thinking about it and do it.” I put my book up and started on my computer with various things I need to get done.

I’ve been learning on multiple occasions lately that it’s easy to find yourself thinking and stressing about work. And while sometimes you may feel like you have no idea what you should be doing, the most helpful thing to do is to just start doing something and figure it out along the way.

It’s like learning to swim. As a young child you don’t know where to begin when it comes to large bodies of water. But then someone helps push you in and, slowly, your instincts kick in and you start to learn to not drown. Then after some time your “not drowning” becomes floating and swimming freely where ever you want. Then what comes with maturity, is that eventually you have to learn to jump into new waters yourself, trusting that someone will always be there just in case you need a lifeguard. But if you never get in the water, you aren’t going to learn to swim.


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