Hide and Seek


Summer seems to go by so fast sometimes, and yet it has still barley begun.

Tonight is the last time my entire family will be together for a little over a month because we will all be off at various camps. My brother, sister, and mom are leaving tomorrow morning for a gymnastics sleep away camp in Tennessee so today we had to run a bunch of errands before they leave.

If you’ve ever heard of the “song that never ends” well today was the “trip that never ends”. We kept being very unsuccessful everywhere and then would have to go to yet another store in order to finally finish getting through our list after a little over 5 hours. The list wasn’t even that long!!!

While running errands I saw some people from Mount Vernon and started talking to them about their summer. It was especially funny because the first thing they said to me was, “It seems like you’ve been at school a lot since summer started based on social media at least.” And they were so right.

I feel like how a person spends their summer can say a lot about them. What do you care enough about that you choose to spend your “free time” away from school working on it? Well for me, apparently that thing is more school. I mean in a week I’ll be off to camp for 3 weeks at another school, and this time it’s a college: Duke East. Then at the end of the summer I’ll be at Yale for 3 weeks.

Besides my various Nerd Camps for this summer, I’ll also be traveling to visit family and friends in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York which is always fun! Some of my friends and I, that I will see while in West Virginia for my family reunion, have decided that we are going to play a Disney medley duet at the talent show which I’m excited about! Plus for the first year ever we are having a specific acro/group dance camp, as well as a Drama camp at Jump Start that I’m also super excited about! (I’ve even already started choreographing the dance.) Then I will come back just in time for a few soccer practices before the school year starts back up. Not to mention we are officially moving in July to our new house!! Plus while I am in town I’ve already had a ton of fun times hanging out with my other friends that are still in town.

It’s funny, I hadn’t quite thought about it before but my summer describes me so well: work (primarily for school and most of which I enjoy), travel, family, friends, music, acro (and the gym), and soccer.

Summer isn’t like school, there aren’t teachers constantly around watching over you and making sure you get certain things done. Summer is a time of choices. It’s your time to go out and seek whatever you want. There is only a finite amount of time between school years and you have to choose how you want to spend that time. What matters enough to fit into the schedule?

It’s what you do when no one’s looking that often says the most about you.

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