Follow Your Zucchini Ideas


Last night I had a random spark of curiosity and decided that I wanted to try and make zucchini bread.

Now after all of our many trips last night, I did not actually have the energy to make said zucchini bread so I decided to wait. Then this morning the curiosity was still there, so I went for it.

No one in my family has made zucchini bread before so I had to just find a random recipe online, and with my sister’s recent attempt at making pumpkin bread being highly unsuccessful, I was a little nervous my bread making would also not go well. It’s never a good start when you have the wrong size pans, but we have to make due with what we have sometimes.

Now after cooking for about 20 minutes (zucchini is really weird to grate), I had to then wait over an hour for it to actually cook. This was not fun because I decided this would be my breakfast so I just ate an oats and honey bar as we slowly got closer to lunch time, and I continued to worry it would just not cook or taste right like the pumpkin bread.

Despite my worries, it came out surprisingly well, and now I have a yummy breakfast for a few days!

All this goes to say, sometimes we just have to run with our crazy ideas because they may just turn out fantastically!


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