Furthering My Involvement


Wow I was working on so many other things online today I almost completely forgot to blog.

Today I was preparing for FUSE15 which starts Wednesday officially!!!! I also looked into online health and drivers ed, both of which I really need to take and have been procrastinating for a while… I also worked on my application for an awesome opportunity my college counselors sent to me from the College Board:

It is vital for the College Board to understand the challenges students face while planning for college. That is why in 1978 we created the Advisory Panel on Student Opportunity. Your voice will help us understand how to improve college-going culture for all students. Student Advisors work together to make decisions, develop creative ideas, and effectively present their ideas for the improvement of education.

We are looking for students who are: 

  • High school juniors in the 2015-16 academic year who are active in their school and community.
  • Able to think locally and globally, as well as collect, analyze, and synthesize information quickly and concisely.
  • Passionate about education and up for the challenge of working to make college accessible to all young people.
  • Willing to make a three-year commitment to the Advisory Panel on Student Opportunity. The commitment is short monthly surveys along with one to three face-to-face meetings per year.

These are just a few excerpts from the page, but I’m really excited and hope I get to be on the panel because it seems like such a great way for me to further get involved in the role of student voice in education! It also just makes me happy to even learn that this panel exists, because it’s pretty awesome that there are students helping in any way, shape, or form with the college board. I hope I get to be one of those students.


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