DT Leader


Well today was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off FUSE15 launched finally!!!!!! It was awesome to see all of our recruits for the first time and to hear some awesome MoVe Talks!!!!! I was honored to get to speak in front of everyone and share my story; it was a pretty awesome experience and I am so thankful for all of the great responses I’ve gotten from it! I can’t wait for the next 2 days where we will work with our non profit organizations as we go through the design thinking process.

Then to top it off, there was a #dtk12chat tonight as well. The chat started with like 4 people and everyone was confused with where everyone was. One person suggested that there was an unofficial hiatus due to so many people being at FUSE15, but I just responded with how there are way more educators then just those at FUSE15 so there is no reason to stop the chat.

Around then I texted my best friend Marz to get on the chat with me since for some reason no one else was leading it: “I seriously want to just take over the chat but I have nothing planed I’M LIMITED HELP TOGETHER WE’RE UNLIMITED LET’S DO THIS”. So we did. We just started asking questions and slowly more people joined the chat and it was pretty awesome!

Some great conversations started up around summer learning, student motivation, badging, communication skills, social media, and even standardized testing. We have no idea who was suppose to lead the chat tonight, or if there even was a specific person. But there was a need for a leader and when opportunity calls sometimes you have to just seize the moment and go for it. I’m also pretty sure this was the first #dtk12chat ever lead by students, so now that’s also out there as something that is totally a possibility!

All in one night I gave my first MoVe Talk (well to a large audience that is), and I co-modded the #dtk12chat and it felt spectacular! I’ve been sitting in my bed smiling and laughing all night!

Today I wasn’t just a student. I was a DT leader and proud of it!


4 thoughts on “DT Leader

  1. You were a leader in every sense of the word tonight! Further, you once again modeled the behaviors found in the DNA of innovators – Associating (ala your MoVe talk and this blog post), Questioning (both your MoVe talk and the #dtk12chat), Observing (noticing a vacuum, and stepping in to fill it), Experimenting (I believe you are completely correct – I am aware of no #dtk12chat being run by students), and Networking (connecting to friends to help try out your idea, and through taking the stage at FUSE15 in the first place).

    Not only were you a DT leader, you were also an innovation leader! Well done… well done.

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