My Shoelace is Ready


No fuse15 today, but I’M ON THE ROAD TO NERD CAMP FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Well actually I’m in a hotel now, but we’ve been driving all day…)

I’m so excited because tomorrow I arrive at Duke for my 4th and final year of TIP Summer Studies. (Technically last year I did Field Studies which I can do all the way through high school, but it is only 2 weeks and has a few other big differences from the 3 week Summer Studies program).

I’m so excited to get to see old friends, make some new ones, and do a whole bunch of awesome learning with my Spy 101: Cryptology and Number Theory class!

Learning doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t hibernate for winter or take a hiatus for spring break or stop for summer.

I love Nerd Camp because I get to spend 3 weeks surrounded by other kids my age that love learning and we have some awesome and creative conversations about everything and anything.

One of the coolest things about Nerd Camp is that the stuff I learn I often can connect to my school work the next year. In the past I’ve learned a bunch of fun math tricks that have been really helpful when working on harder math. Last year I was even introduced to Sketch Up by my instructors who were both architects, then in ID we ended up needing that exact skill!

I’m just beyond excited and can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!! My neon green shoe lace lanyard is right by my side ready to go!!!!!!!


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