Starting a Cycle


Being at Nerd Camp really reminds me how different Mount Vernon is compared to lot’s of schools around the nation. It also reminds me how lucky I am to go there!

I’ll talk to other Tipsters about school pretty often (because we know everyone here has at least one thing in common: we like learning and are good at school), and when I start talking about Innovation Diploma and opportunities I’ve had like #fuse15 and the work we are doing on our AP Lang course and even stuff about our environment like all of the white board desks (plus others, but these are examples) people look at me with open eyes and say, “I wish my school was like that!”

I mean Mount Vernon really is doing some pretty awesome stuff and I’m just glad to be a part of it!

I’ve probably talked about design thinking to at least 15 different people in the past 3 days. To me this is everyday talk, but so far everyone I’ve talked to hasn’t heard of design thinking which is crazy to me, but it reminds me how important it is to just share your story and in this case the DT story.

I mean imagine what could happen if even one of the people I’ve talked to happens to go back to their school and mention design thinking and some of the cool real world stuff we do at Mount Vernon to a teacher at their school. Then maybe that teacher goes and does some research and discovers #dtk12chat which connects them to a myriad of other educators interested in design thinking. Then those connects could help that teacher start talking to teachers at his/her school. Then maybe that school could start implementing parts of DT into their class. Before you know it, students at this school are helping people in their community through design thinking and then sharing what they do with more students at different schools so the cycle repeats! Maybe even one of these students may end up at Mount Vernon for #fuse16 (I may have been putting ideas in peoples heads).

How cool would that be?!?!?!?!?!

Hearing students respond so positively when I tell them about my MoVe talk and #fuse15, or my involvement in #dtk12chat, or my work with Innovation Diploma really has been making me wonder about students role in design thinking. Students seem to get pretty excited about the idea of doing meaningful, real world work to help people, so how might we network straight to students to get them involved in design thinking? What if a positive reaction from students first helped get teachers hooked too?


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