TIP Dance 1


So far I haven’t actually gone to any of my high school dances, but Nerd Camp dances are awesome!!!!

They are actually a ton of fun because A) they are themed and people tend to dress up B) about half of the people are all people that wouldn’t normally go and C) (possibly the most important reason) there are TIP tradition songs where we have actual choreographed dances that everyone does which are pretty awesome!!!! Those are awesome and sad because now we are closer to the last American pi and time warp (specifically cus they are the last 2 songs) and IT’S GOING TO BE SO SAD!!!

These dances are especially meaningful now that I’m a 4th yearer because that means we do slightly different things from everyone else during the dances. Like standing in the middle or across from everyone on tradition songs, and this was our first dance getting to do these special parts as 4th yearers which was exciting and sad to think we’re almost gone. 😦

Tonight was spectacular (but really hot since it was outside in 80 degree weather)! At one point they even played hips don’t lie and the 4th year guys started doing their tip sync (from our lip sync competition the other day) dance which was fantastic again!!! Especially because THE STAFF JOINED FOR PARTS OF IT!!!

I’m sooooo tired now though so this is all I will say for now, but I’m getting close to the 365th blog post so I’m determined to not miss a day until then!!!


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