Observing the Little Sparks


Today, (like pretty much every day at Nerd Camp), was fantastic!!!

Sunday’s are our only day off from class, but we still do a bunch of learning because it’s still life! We have free time until 12, then from 1-4 we do TIP Star activities (which usually are more learning activities), then 4-5 free time (like normal), then dinner, then 6-8 we watched a movie, then free time until our rag meeting and bed.

After playing flute some, I did lots of physical stuff today actually. I stretched for gymnastics practice, I tried out for the top ultimate frisbee team, and I took an African Dance class.

Ultimate frisbee cracks me up at TIP because we take it really seriously. The try outs today involved signing up, choosing which team to try out for, an inspiration/historical speech of why we play and have the Water Colors team (the top team that is captained by a 4th yearer who was given the special frisbee by last years captain and has been signed by all of the past captains), then we did some actual drills with ways to pass a frisbee and offense versus defense. So I’ll find out later this week about the team…

African dance was also really cool because I love dancing and it’s always interesting to see how different cultures dance. We learned a dance from Guinea and it was really energetic and fun!

The second activity I did today (which was actually my first TIP Star activity before African Dance) was Make a Movie. I was in an all girls group with a bunch of people I didn’t know, but we decided to make a silent, abridged version of Romeo and Juliet. It was all filmed in the library and some right out side of it, and it actually turned out surprisingly well! In fact I think it was better than most school movie projects I’ve done and it was completely filmed and edited in only and hour and a half which is way less time than any of our school projects take. We had one girl who was a wiz with iMovie on her phone and was editing as we were filming. It was actually incredible and it was one of those moments where I was amazed with what people can learn to do.

The idea of being amazed by what people can do relates so nicely with the movie I watched today. I watched The Imitation Game!!!!! I’ve seen it once before a month or so ago, but I’ve been wanting to watch it again especially since being in Spy 101 because the movie is all about stuff we’ve been talking about!!! We spent about an hour one day talking specifically about Enigma and WWII even. So this time I think I was able to follow a lot more of the story just because I had a better idea of what was happening (it switches time periods a bunch and I don’t think I caught that well the first time), and on a small scale I related to the stress and joy to code breaking.

I love the quote that they repeat through out the movie, “Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” It’s just so inspiring to make you want to embrace the things that make us all different.

I ended the day with more learning too. I taught some friends how to play Kemps, then when we had 5 people we switched games and I learned a new card game for me called Hearts. The game was pretty fun and it is basically the opposite of Spades in just about every way which I find funny because I learned both at TIP.

Learning doesn’t stop when class stops. We can be inspired by things all around us, and who knows if some little thing we learn could spark a new passion and goal inside of us. I wonder if people take more time to notice and observe even our little learning moments, then will these sparks become more clear.

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