Learning Adventures!

IMG_3498                    IMG_6211 IMG_7889

(Team Squad from our scavenger hunt!!!!!!!!!!)

Today we went on a scavenger hunt for Spy 101!!! It was sooooo much fun!

For our entire first class session we went to a park and had an adventure with math. To start each of the three teams was given a problem. The first was easy, the second was mediumish, and the last was hard, this way the groups could be spaced out on the trail. Once on the trail our timer started and each new code or riddle that we broke would give us a clue on where to go to get the next clue and eventually make it out of the woods. (There were lots of paths and other people on the trail along with each group having an adult so we were perfectly safe.)

There were definitely a few fail up moments. One of the keys was wrong so our instructor had to change it after that was realized, but that held the first group up some on that 2nd question so then my group caught up to them and eventually the next group caught up to us. The last group also missed where the first question was hidden so our TA who was with them just read them the clue because the adults had all of them. We also ran out of time before finishing so we completed the last few problems back on campus after lunch. But you know a few bumps in the road is expected; that’s just life.

It was cool though because we got to take the learning outside of the classroom. My group actually did better at cracking the problems in the woods then back in the classroom later in the day. Plus it was really fun to walk over roots and bridges and occasionally in the river!

What if normal school had more learning adventures where we went out in a new environment to explore, discover, and test our knowledge?


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