Pictures of Inspiration


The other day I was reading The Art of Innovation and a particular section was talking about inspiring a team by having certain items in a room. For example one team took a trip to a place that sells old broken airplanes for movie sets typically, but the IDEO team found this awesome giant wing and ended up eventually hanging it from the ceiling. (To be honest I am likely butchering this story a little, but the point was that they would look up every day and see this object that to them represented progress and shooting for the sky with ideas.)

Well I want the Innovation Diploma members to also be constantly inspired while working, so I was thinking, “What’s our plane wing?” What’s that thing that brings us together and can inspire us to think creatively and work hard to accomplish the seemingly impossible?

This lead me to a thought.

While working on the coVenture to innovate our space, we got inspired by the college counseling office where the tiles on the ceiling are painted with colleges students got accepted into. We’ve been thinking for a while, “What if when someone joined ID they got to paint a tile?” Or some system similar to that so we could have a decorative ceiling with meaning behind it. The question is, what would the pictures be that would have meaning?

Often times people will say they have a pump up song, or some quote that always makes them happy, or a favorite movie, and it made me wonder, “what about a favorite inspirational picture?” I don’t have one myself yet, but I think it would be really cool for everyone to pick their own inspiration picture that would then hang on the ceiling. That way everyone would have that one thing above their heads to help inspire them right when they needed it.

I wonder what are other things that could be put in environments to help inspire people.

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