Happy Start

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Well today was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up and checked my email like I always do, and I had a wordpress notification. Since I blog almost everyday, I’ve gotten use to these notifications, but this one was the one I’ve been waiting for for a few weeks now. It was the notification saying I have another follower on my blog, which means I’VE HIT 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that I knew today would be great, because getting that notification just made me so happy! It’s great to know so many people actually care about what I’m thinking and doing. Having this blog I think has been such a confidence booster for me, and it’s also just been a great way for me to clarify my own thoughts as well be able to go back and look at old thoughts. And there have been a lot of thoughts since I’m nearing my 365th day in just about a week now!!!!

With a skip in my step I got ready for the rest of the day. Nothing special happened in class today besides having our weekly test. We don’t actually have grades at TIP which is pretty awesome, but we still get feedback on how we are learning. Assessment is often needed in some form so that teachers/mentors can make sure you actually understand what is going on and you aren’t just kind of being present in class without absorbing any information. However, it is amazing how frightened and stressed we all still get at just calling it a “test”.

Typically when we hear we are taking a test, we think we need to study and freak because of a grade, but we can’t study at TIP and don’t get grades. This is a new mentality for most of us TIPsters, and it’s hard for some people to accept this new mindset around tests. We even tried to just call it an “individual worksheet” this time, but our instructor kept saying test which made us nervous still.

Anyway, I think I did eh on the test. By that I mean I know I got a few about a certain type of cipher wrong because I just couldn’t keep the process straight and mixed it up, so in my book that means not doing great. However, I also still probably got quite a few right so that’s always good.

I was still a little upset today still because we lost against the Dream Team in frisbee yesterday and today was the staff versus student game. However, the girls on the Dream Team all of a sudden decided to quit, so since they needed girls on the team, I GOT TO PLAY!!!!! We actually had a fair amount of people from the Water Colors play, and we called ourselves as a collective “Wet Dreams” since we mixed the teams. We also creamed the staff!!!! It was like 8-2 and some of the guys were messing around half of the time with weird tricks and starting some of the people that wouldn’t normally play and even that group scored!!

My favorite moment was when my TA tried to hit the frisbee down, but I still caught it!!! He was pretty embarrassed and the students all cheered for me which was all awesome!

Even the baseball game we went to was pretty fun! The weather was perfect and I had a good time with friends.

It’s great when things work out nicely. I’ve just been happy all day, and it’s been spectacular!!! Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to just wake up with something you know will make you happy, like how my alarm is to “The Circle of Life”, or like my 100 followers email today. When you think positive it tends to be easier to see other positive things happening around you.

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