Grade Level Spirit!


Today was an emotional roller coaster! (In a good way, it was just the last full weekend.)  😦

Due to weather, we’ve had a bunch of things moved around in our schedule, so today we had a bunch of big things to do!

Right before Quad Fest (which is like a field day mets color wars) was the 4th yearer’s paint fight! So at first this sounded a little goofy to me to just put on white shirts and fling paint at each other, but it was actually really fun and a great way to bond with people! Academics are important, but another big part of learning is about getting close to the people you are learning with and being able to work with and support one an other.

At TIP I feel like the staff sometimes assumes that we are all socially awkward nerds, so they really push us to be social with all of the activities that they plan and limited electronics hours. Quad Fest is a great time for years to come together as a team and get overly spirited as a collective group!

Almost every event requires a team and music will play and people will be dressed in their colors. The competition is actually really intense and it makes it so much fun! One of the parts I love most is how we even have a competition for the first walk on, your team chant, and your team song. This requires some pre-planning that also requires us to have leadership amongst ourselves and to get everyone involved in what’s going on.

I kind of feel way more spirited at TIP then I am at actual school, and I wonder what it would be like if we did more grade level team bonding stuff.

I mean a huge part of school is the culture and people, so it seem like it would make sense for school to not just focus on academic habits, but to also have more times in the year for developing healthy social habits. For example maybe we could go on a another class retreat but during the beginning of second semester, even if it is just a day team building thing. Or what if there were be preplanned grade level pizza or ice cream parties, or maybe a bi monthly picknic? What if we had more spirit week type things other than homecoming where students were encouraged to get creative and embrace their grade “team”? What if at Mustang Rally we added something about coming up with team chants of some kind? What if we had choreographed dances to do at school dances that the whole high school did together, with maybe special senior things involved? (I thought of this because it’s awesome at TIP, and we also had our 2nd dance tonight which made me really sad, because it’s almost the last one!)

I’m not really sure if it is considered a school goal get grade levels to bond together, but I think if not official, then it is at least desired on some level. When students work together it develops confidence in one another and can be used as leadership opportunities and develop collaboration, communication, problem solving, and all of those great mindsets!


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