Memories Capture Experiences

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(Past years at TIP.)

Every night brings me closer to tears with it being my last year at Nerd Camp. Tonight I officially had my last evening activity as a TIPster and it just makes me sad to even think about. Luckily it ended with a Disney Princess Tea Party which was pretty awesome.

But the funniest and saddest part about today was that I constantly was being reminded of my first year at TIP back in the summer of 2012 when I just ended 7th grade. I was at New College of Florida that year which was actually the only year in which that particular campus was available for Summer Studies Duke TIP programs. Even with this being the only year the campus was open, there has been a surprising amount of people that are here with me now that went there.

Today I even saw my first every TIP TA because he is working for Field Studies with TIP on East and we talked in line for lunch today which was awesome! I even learned another girl in my current class had him as a TA the year after me on a different campus which was cool to then talk about.

Then later in the day we were planning for the big end of term talent show skit that all of the 4th yearers do and I ended up in a group with 2 people I’ve known since year one! While we were trying to figure out what to do (and failing pretty miserably) we ended up reminiscing on year one stuff, like when I recited pi at the talent show. They’ve actually convinced me to attempt to get into the talent show last minute to recite pi again to really bring things full circle. We also looked at a bunch of old pictures which were hilarious and made things even more rememberable.

I’ve also seen a few people from my second year, and today I even got a package from my family with my second year class shirt.

There have just been so many memories coming back to me today and it has reminded me also that when you think about the past you don’t always remember what you learned, but you almost remember how you felt and the experience you had. So I hope when I graduate high school I can look back at school like I look back at TIP- with great memories of fun and interesting experiences, and I wonder if those can be created, if i will also remember more information along with it.


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