Bye Bye Miss American Pie


Rain poured and thunder crashed, but nothing will stop a TIPster dance!

We were shuttled to class after dinner and everyone was freaking out (myself included) because the last thing that we could ever possibly imagine happening was having our last dance canceled.

We went to evening studies and had a pretty fun last evening study playing cards, but we were kept longer than normal because they had to shuttle us back due to lightning. As the minutes ticked on, our worries grew about the dance.

We went back to the dorms and got ready anyway. I soon found out they finally made a decision, which I wasn’t trilled with, but at least it wasn’t canceled. They separated us by year and each year had their dance in a common room inside the dorm buildings.

While I was sad about all of the changes and the hourerish late start, I still had an amazing time!!!!!!

A TIP dance is a TIP dance no matter how small! We made the most of what we had and danced and sung the night away hitting every tradition song! As I said with false confidence right after the rain started, “Things tend to kind of maybe sort of work out sometimes.”

By the time we reached the last American Pie there was a good amount of people crying, and it makes me extremely sad to think it was the last time at a TIP dance. It’s a really good thing we end with the Time Warp so things get at least a little more up beat because otherwise I don’t know how we would handle it.

So bye, bye, miss American Pie. Iris, I don’t think the world will understand. We’re in a Time Warp now, for it really is The End of the World As We Know It, and I feel like a Blister in the Sun.

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