Networking on the Fly

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Happy Perfect Day/2 Pi Day/Tau Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is perfect day because 6 and 28 are the only perfect numbers that occur in the calendar, meaning that the divisors add up to equal the number. Just another one of those awesomely nerdy math holidays!!

However, while today was Perfect Day, it didn’t feel very perfect. It still just felt kind of depressing with all of my TiPster friends texting about how much we miss each other and at some point in the day we all listened to all of the tip tradition songs and watched recordings of the talent show acts.

Yesterday during my TiPression and lack of sleep, there was also a lot of airport drama.

So I’m starting to hate the Durum/Charlotte airports because I feel like the last several times I’ve flown to either of them alone I’ve had really annoying and stressful problems occur.

This time they were trying to say I wasn’t actually reserved on my flight so it took me about 2 hours to finally even get a boarding ticket. Good thing I was there really early due to TIP dropping me off.

On the upside, I guess my motto of “sometimes the biggest accidents make the best stories” tends to come through because I ended up having a really fatardo (awkward and random and usually crazy in the best way) story moment which reminded me of my “Hypothetical Conversation” from my last airport chaos, but in real life this time!

This time I ended up speaking to a lady that use to work at Duke and now works with some organization having to do with the concept of global citizens. I ended up having about a 40 minute conversation with her about design thinking, MVPS, MVIFI, ID, fuse15, my blog, and the DT summit trip that some of my friends our on in Davos right now. She gave me her business card and wants to contact me more about some conference in Durum. She also wants to maybe connect with MVPS because she’s trying to get her sons middle school to work on this big year long project for the students around global citizenship where they would also do planning and fundraising to potentially go on an international trip.

This lady wasn’t even on my flight either, she was waiting for her aunt’s plane to take off, but she kept talking to me a little after anyway!

It’s so cool how sometimes you can just bump into people sometimes and immediately connect and have a cool conversation. It felt so great to make connections and continue networking. Yesterday I introduced one new person to design thinking and it was pretty cool to be able to give examples and her to light up and want to learn more.

I’ve made a lot of new connections in the last month or so, now the real trick is going to be following up with them.

Challenge accepted.

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