Old Little Piece of Paper


It’s about 2 weeks before our big move and I’m super excited!

In preparation for moving we obviously have to pack, so it’s also been a great time to go through all of our old stuff and decide what we can get rid of now.

Today I was going through stuff of mine that I’ve had all the way back since I was like 1. The stuff from a long time ago is easy to go through because unless things are dated, have a picture, or for just look interesting enough to keep, then it is easy to get rid of some of those old messy arts and craft paintings. However, when you start getting to stuff you actually remember creating, it makes things look a lot less like junk.

Even old scraps from a notebook can bring back fantastic memories. I found an old song my Girl Scout troop wrote when we were about 8 years old and I texted a picture to them. We all laughed and talked about how odd we “were” (are) and it was great because a few of the girls have quite the troop since then and I haven’t talked to them in a really long time.

I also found an old piece of writing about my first ever Webkinz. This made me crack up because at Nerd Camp we had an running joke about webkinz.com that we used as our example website whenever needed. When I found the story I texted my class and we all started talking about our first Webkinz and then it even got into a conversation about Neopets and other online animal toys we use to have.

The cool thing about memories is that they often trigger other memories and often create new ones. I saw the new Disney movie Inside Out today and it was all about emotions and memories. The key idea in the movie was about sadness being important to creating memories and being happy. Sometimes thinking about old memories can make you sad because maybe you made those memories with people you no longer see, but that sadness can be okay because you’re sad about something that was happy which can often lead you to find new happy memories.

You don’t have to be moving to look through old things. While it’s good to get rid of stuff so you don’t become a pack rat, it’s also good to hold onto things because sometimes one old little piece of paper could be just what you need to get a smile on your face.

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