Music with Meaning


There isn’t really one type of music that I listen to. I often joke that most of the time I’m just listening to whatever is playing in the gym that day. Even if you look on my phone most of my music is from Disney or musicals.

Today two of my best friends and I went bowling and then came back to my house to mess around with music. We got this awesome idea to put together a medley of a bunch of different stereotypical graduation songs and then try to find some time our senior year to play it for everyone (after getting a few more people involved to play with us). It would be really awesome if we could actually play it at graduation, because from what we’ve done so far I think it is going to be pretty amazing!!

I realized as we created the medley that the type of music I like is music with meaning behind it. Most songs I often listen to all have a story connected with it.

Like how American Pie will always remind me of Nerd Camp. Christmas Shoes is one of my mom and aunt’s favorite songs, so in the winter when we first hear the song on the radio we always call my aunt and blast the song while singing as loud as we can. Upside Down always makes me think of Curios George and my 5th grade graduation picture DVD that my mom made and the entire grade watched together. Human reminds me of the parody song my family made up about penguins after seeing a video about penguins at the Museum of Natural History in New York around the time when the song first came out.

All of these songs have meaning to them to me because they remind me of a memory. With musicals and songs from movies, they typically have a pretty obvious meaning to them because they are used to help tell a story, so I think that is why I like them so much.

The power of music is just such a cool thing that is always fascinating me.


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