Just the Same


I haven’t blogged in a while, which has been a very odd feeling for me, but that was because I just spent the last weekish in West Virginia at a family reunion place called Capon Springs. I go here every year and after going this year I was reminded of some old blog posts from last year: A Little Bit of Hakuna Matata, Don’t Try to Win, Just Don’t Lose,  Ridiculously Yourself.

I wrote these post after Capon because there isn’t actually any wifi or cell service while we are there. I actually really love how there is no technology because it means there is less stress about work since you can’t do most of it; without technology I truly realized how much of my work is technology based now a days. Capon encourages family and friends to just hang out, relax, and have some fun which truly makes it feel like a well needed, rejuvenating vacation.

We have a joke at Capon that references one of the camp fire songs we sing about how Capon is always, “just the same”. Nothing really changed except for a couple of tweaks here and there like how this year they had pasta instead of rice in the zucchini casserole. Then every now and then there is a more significant change, like the year they got air conditioning in part of the main house.

When I re-looked at my blog post I realized even further how everything tends to stay “just the same,” because I wanted to write about a lot of the same things: what Capon is, how there isn’t technology, the friendly competition with tournaments, how great it is to see friends and family, me leading group 1 at the camp fire (even the same group number as last year), the freedom kids have once they get to be about 6, and how it is overall really relaxing and fun!

With so many big changes happening in our lives from year-to-year, it is nice to have things like Capon that don’t really change and stay, “just the same.”


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