Student Conferences

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I realized today a valuable skill that I do not possess: how to dress professionally. (Side note: my mom will probably laugh at me for blogging about this, but I honestly forget what I was originally going to blog about today.)

While having a meeting about our AP Lang course for next year, Kat and I were discussing the idea of producing ID business cards and t-shirts for everyone when we focus on advertisement rhetoric. Creating business cards in a real world skill that we simply don’t know how to do, but it would be really helpful for us to have. I suspect it won’t be too difficult, but non the less, it is something that we need time to learn so we are creating the time.

There are a lot of life skills we don’t really learn in school, and for some of us we may never learn them before we need them if we don’t learn in high school. It has come up on numerous occasions how schools no longer teach home ec classes and some people think we should bring them back.

In a week I leave for New York and then I go to the National Student Leadership Conference at Yale University. I’ve been to TIP before, but that’s still a Nerd Camp,this experience I predict will be quite different because it is no longer a camp, but this is a conference. I have to have business professional, and business casual for about 50% of the time and as a rising junior, I’ve never had to wear really any business like clothes. The closest I’ve had to wear has been business casual, but typically San Francisco style which is what Mr. Adams would describe as “design chick” and it pretty different from other business casual I learned today.

I’m glad I get the chance to go to this conference as a student and experience these real world skills while I can kind of still use the “I’m a child and didn’t no better” excuse a little… I think it would be really cool if schools took groups to these types of conferences. I mean we send teachers to conferences to learn about how to teach and new things in education, what if schools were sending students to teach, lead, and learn too?

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