Hidden Talents


Today we got a bunch of stuff done. We were out of the house for over 75% of the day shopping.

Shopping for paint, business clothes, shoes, and bags; it was intense and I’m pooped, but I officially have business clothes ready for Yale, college interviews, and what ever other situations I may find myself in soon.

I’m not a big person into fashion or things like that, but today I was quite impressed with some people’s ability to see styles and colors that go together well. I just didn’t get it. Just goes to show how many different talents there are out there.

I remember in ID we got to wear business casual for iFest, but most of us weren’t sure quite what that meant. Luckily Kathleen was pretty good with fashion questions and she made a whole powerpoint for us about appropriate clothing to wear for guys and girls. It was actually really helpful.

Now fashion isn’t typically a school learned skill, but what if it was? What if students interested in fashion had the opportunity to learn more about the fashion industry and explore that world? What if students could explore all sorts of odd skills like that during school? In ID we get these opportunities and it’s great, but I wonder if there is a way to do it on a smaller scale for students not in ID and even for students not at MVPS.

I also wonder about those hidden talents people have that they may not know that they even have. How might we help students discover these talents and encourage them–even if they aren’t talents considered “school helpful”?

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