Odd Connections


It’s really funny how things get connected together sometimes. For example, last night my post was called “The Hitchhikers Guide to Design Thinking for Mice” and I guess because I used the word “mice” in the title it got re-blogged to Rodent Control Daily News. I cracked up for seeing this re-post because my post had very little to do with actual mice besides the connection with their large role in the book.

It’s just made me quite curious as to how big blogs find what things to re-post. I mean is there really just some search engine that re-posts anything with a title relatively related to the blog’s topic? Or is there someone that actually reads a bunch of posts online before re-posting things? The interior workings of systems are just so complicated it’s kind of amazing.

Sometimes we make connections in the most odd places, and it’s just been on my mind practically all day.

(Well, except while at IKEA and looking at stuff for the new house, including a new desk for me!)

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