Scrapping Through Years


Ogres and onions aren’t the only things that have layers. Furniture also has layers– layers of paint that is.

Tonight my mom, sister, and I were trying to scrap off 60 years worth of old paint so that when we re-paint it for the new house it will hopefully be done smoothly without awkward bumps and holes. We were using sanders, spackling tools, and even knives to try and get the 4 different layers of paint off of this one piece of wooden furniture. We barely finished getting off the first coat from the very top surface before we decided to pack up for the night.

Each layer represented different times between 3 generations. The very first coat was my grandma’s baby furniture. Then there was paint from my mom’s furniture. Then when my mom was a little under 10 apparently she was given permission to paint it and created an ocean with a dark blue (that is quite hard to peel off) and different sea creatures we will potentially find as we continue the front side. Then the top layer is white which was used more or less around the time when I was a baby up until now.

It’s kind of cool to peel back layers into different generations and learn stories about objects that have always been there through different times.

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