Dancing Through Life


Some people get surprised by this, but I am an avid Dance Moms watcher. However, I don’t just watch it because of the drama with the moms, I watch it mainly because I really enjoy the dances.

With doing gymnastics the last few years I have started dabbling with choreographing. I’ve made my own routines as well as some routines for others in both acro and gymnastics. The last two years I’ve even created giant group routines for the entire team to Let It Go, Kung Fu Fighting, and To Feel Alive, and I’ve really enjoyed creating, teaching, and preforming these routines.

In the first weeks of ID we had gone to the CDC to help teach them about design thinking by taking them through the process. After this first big adVenture, we had a few questions come up about how we could share the work we were doing in ID. In a previous post I’ve mentioned how Margaret had jokingly suggested that we do an interpretive dance, and I then said “ya let’s go for it!” not jokingly. Since then I have been determined that at some point in my high school career to do an interpretive dance as a way to present a project.

Lately I’ve been on a huge dance kick and have been watching all sorts of videos of dance routines because I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect time for my dance! With creating our own AP Lang course next year comes the freedom to design our own projects. One of these projects is going to be what we call “The Preforming Arts Project”. This project will take place during Chapter 2: The Art of Innovation and for the project each of us will create a non-traditional project presentation to display our thoughts on “The Creativity Crisis”. When we say a “non-traditional project presentation” we mean that there will be no Powerpoints, Prezis, or Keynotes. The idea is for us to explore different methods of story telling and showcase our thoughts through medium we may not be use to at school.

I’m trying to not get too ahead of myself, but I think this could be just the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to do a school project through dance, and just being able to say that sounds stinking awesome! I’m super excited for it and can’t wait to see where the journey takes me!

The funny thing is that when I would talk about doing an ID interpretive dance I use to call it our “School of Rock moment” because I love that movie and especially how they manage to bring all different kinds of talents together to create one final giant product: a kick butt rock show! I guess ID is still searching for our School of Rock moment, so if not interpretive dance, I’m excited to see what it may be.

I’m also super excited to discover that School of Rock is going to be a Broadway musical this winter!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like all of my favorite things coming together and I can’t wait for it to finally open!!!!!!!!! After seeing Matilda on broadway and being blown away, despite expecting it to be ify due to my love of the movie, I have pretty high hopes for this musical and think it should be pretty awesome! Plus the lead who is playing Dewy on Broadway was also in both Matilda and Wicked which are two of my favorite Broadway shows!!!!

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