Up a Tree


Last night I did not get to blog because I WAS AT OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! We officially have closed on the house, have the keys, and have started moving!! Last night I was there until midnight painting my room with primer which was really fun! The only reason I even went back at midnight instead of 1am with my mom and sister was because I still had a little packing to do, because now I’m in New York city!!!!

Yesterday was my last day ever at the new house and that was a little weird to think about after living there for 9 years. The funny thing was I spent my last night the same way I spent my first night: with just a mattress on the floor. It was kind of sad to say goodbye, but I’m excited to move into the new house!

And I had a fantastic day in New York, all starting with my first plane trip in what seems like forever where something didn’t go really wrong. The interesting thing is this is also the first trip where nothing really interesting in an exciting way happened either. I often say the biggest mistakes can make the best stories, and I guess sometimes without the mistakes and problem the stories just aren’t as good.

I got here and got to read in the park some which was really nice. I’ve finally gotten to restart reading Moonwalking with Einstein which has been super interesting learning about memory stuff. I think one of the most interesting parts is how they describe memory as a test of creativity more than anything. Then my aunt met up with me and we climbed a tree and I told her all about the book and the memory stuff and we talked for about an hour up in the tree. It was great! Plus we ended the night at my favorite restaurant!!

I love being back in the city. Sometimes I really just wish Georgia had better public transportation, so we could just decide to take a walk to a park to read and climb a tree every now and then.


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