Learning to Lead


I’M AT YALE!!!!! I feel like Rory from Gilmore Girls right now since I’m just settling in after our kind of orientation day.

I’m pretty excited for these next 9 days because from what I’ve heard and read we are going to be learning a ton about leadership and engineering. In our “opening ceremony” tonight, one of the head guys talked about how you aren’t a leader just because you go to a leadership conference; in order to be a leader you have to actually apply the things you learn about at the conference when you go home.

I hope to learn lots of cool things here and teach them to people when I get home (or at least talk about the ideas some). Not a bunch has happened here yet but even with the limited time I’ve been here I know it’s going to be tons of fun here because the people are really welcoming and fun to be around so far.

Tomorrow we are going to a challenge course which I’m super excited for since those always are fun because it’s like rapid problem solving!!!

I have lead learning multiple times now, so now I’m excited to learn about leading in the days to come. (Plus with the added bonus of learning different engineering techniques.)


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