Trusting Your Team Inspires a Team


(This was actually my team and our design for the wind turbine competition.)

It’s amazing what you can get done when you work as a team. I’ve loved how my team (Team Team) has been bonding so well these past few days!

Tonight we even won the Minute to Win It challenge so now we’ve made an impressive lead for ourselves after winning several challenges now. 🙂

We actually had another challenge today as well where we were building wind turbines. However this challenge was a little different because rather than working with our TA groups we were paired randomly amongst all of the engineering kids. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy that very much. I love my TA group and we’re so close now and have bonded like family which has made us an even better team. However, these people I just met and there was no specific reason as to why we were together. I’m pretty sure actually that all of them were the same personality type which happens to be an owl which also happens to be the type that is most opposite to my major personality type. I mean yes people consist of a lot of different attributes so I in no way mean to label people purely that way, but I found it interesting how quickly I noticed similar characteristics amongst them and felt myself getting bothered by some traits. Without the balance of all different personalities though, it made it harder for our team to productively work and we ended up not doing so great in the competition.

Luckily 2 people from my TA group were on the winning team, and we had one person on the 2nd and 3rd place teams as well, so we still got a good amount of points during that challenge.

We also had a full 4 hours back to back of project development time which was really nice because we were able to make a ton of progress on our 2 major projects. Our team showed great collaboration skills again during this time with quickly splitting into groups to divide and concur tasks. I think one of the best parts about being at a nerd camp is how I think we all feel more trustworthy of each other to get their share of work done well than perhaps some of our actual class members at school. This trust really allows us to get a lot done because jobs can be assigned and everyone feels confident that they will get done in a timely fashion.

I’m so excited to see how things keep playing out for Team Team, and it’s sad to think it’s almost time to leave these awesome people!


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