Kindness, Advice, and Laughter


Today in NSLC we spent the entire day in NYC!!! I love the city, but today felt super touristy for me to be honest, because a lot of people hadn’t been there before and just wanted to see Time Square which is exactly where you typically avoid…

But being with friends still made it a lot of fun! The best part though was actually caused because this one kid wanted chocolate milk.

We were in Bryant Park and he saw this coffee stand so he went up and asked for chocolate milk. The lady at the counter said, “We don’t have any,” so he said “Well that’s messed up I just want chocolate milk.” To this her response was, “Wait I’ll make you something.”

So she basically put chocolate ice cream in a latte and added almond milk I think and he came back to us and was “this is amazing!!!” Plus the lady even let him try it before making him pay for it which was really nice along with her already sounding pretty cool for creating this “thing” in place of chocolate milk.

A bunch of the other people with us (there were a total of 12 of us walking around in a group together during our free time in the city) ended up trying the drink and agreed that it was actually really good. So one our way to get pizza we all stopped at the coffee place so other people could buy “the thing”, and the coffee lady was talking to us and she was great!

For starters she was only charging them like half price for the drink which was really nice, but then she was also making conversation with us that was just really funny. She talked about college and  how we should go to NYU, and how she was impressed with how smart we all were. Then she started lecturing one of the guys because someone told her about how he flicked another guys nipple earlier in the term which lead to the quote of the day: “It’s ok to flick someone’s nipple, but you have to ask first. If they say yes, then flick to your hearts desire, but if they say no, then go find some one else’s nipple to flick! Cus one day you’re going to flick the wrong person’s nipple.” There was much more to the lecture and the original chocolate milk guy got about half of it on video while we were all cracking up! The guy even tried to walk away at one point and she was like, “No come back here and listen to all of this!”

She then ended her conversation with us by saying that she never wanted to see any of us on the news for doing anything other then getting awesome awards and recognition.

I don’t even know the name of this person or if she knows how much we enjoyed speaking with her, but she really made our day by spreading kindness, advice, and laughter. I think that may be one of my favorite parts about the NYC actually; how you can meet so many new people in one day and create so many interesting memories. You never know who you may meet, and if everyone strived to be like this lady, a person spreading kindness, advice, and laughter, then imagine how many people’s days would be made better.


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