It’s Not Too Late for an Adventure


I’ve recently gotten really into a show on Netflix called “Merlin”. It’s all about Merlin and Arthur living as young men in Camelot in a time when magic is forbidden, so Merlin must protect Arthur constantly while keeping his powers a secret.

Today I watched an episode that was all about Lady Morgona finally discovering the truth about herself having magic. She knew something was different about her, but now she has gotten conformation from others about it.

To me this kind of vaguely resembled the process of general team work. Sometimes you have a thought, but it isn’t until someone else confirms or denies it that you really finalize your own opinions on the idea.

Now this connection may seem kind of far fetched, but I say all of this to mention how I had a similar realization today about being a Girl Scout.

I’ve been a Girl Scout since 3rd grade and have my Bronze and Silver awards, and back when I was first going into high school (which seems oddly long ago now) my whole troop had been set on getting our Gold Awards. Back then it seemed like the natural thing to do: If you’re a Girl Scout in high school, then you try to get your Gold Award. We had done all of the pre work activities we had to do, and even started the paper work stuff I think, but then our troupe started not meeting as much do to various reasons.

Back then I hadn’t even really had an idea as to what I would even do for my Gold Award and then last year I finally decided it was too late and I just would give it up entirely. Then today I saw John Green’s latest book movie Paper Towns. The spirit of the movie has a lot to do with taking risks and appreciating even the little adventures in your life which I really enjoyed and it kind of inspired me to decide that it isn’t too late for me to at least try to get my Gold Award.

I realized that a lot of my ideas that I would like to implement and probably work on during ID would likely fulfill the requirements as well, so why not go for it? So I contacted my troop leader and we’ll see where this adventure takes me.

Small tangent: I strongly suggest seeing the movie Paper Towns and the book is probably also good but I have not read it. More than anything I’ve loved how John Green has helped make Agloe, New York kind of real again even after it’s history of non existence and then existence and then non existence again. He put a concept into people’s heads about the mysterious Agloe paper town, and now all of these people have been traveling to Agloe just to see what’s there. Personally, now I want to road trip to Agloe because it seems like a fun idea that would also be fun to just say you did it. (It even almost makes me want to get my license just so I could have that opportunity in the future to randomly road trip…) John Green inspires me with how he is able to move so many people into taking action.


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