Full of Possibilities


Today was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I was very upset that last night my internet was down so I wasn’t able to blog on the last night of summer. However, the first day of school was great so I totally forgot about my annoyance of last night. (However, I was a little upset we didn’t start school with our traditional “first day of school breakfast”, because it’s sad to see fun traditions just kind of vanish…)

It’s funny because in actuality not all that much happened today for it to be “FANTASTIC”. The reason I enjoyed it so much was simply because the first day always has the feeling of possibilities. Nothing has happened yet, so therefore, anything could potentially happen. There is so much room for ideas and new creations and it makes me happy to be back!

Specifically my first day of AP Lang made me super happy because it’s really happening!!!!! We were ecstatic just to finally be in the class at school finally! And we have so many ideas that are getting started now! Today, rather than discussing the syllabus, we talked more about the game plan and created our new AP Lang blog sites! I’ll be using this new site to document my weekly responses to our AP Lang prompts as well as posting some of the bigger written pieces once we get there.

It was actually kind of fun just to create a new site since I haven’t done that in so long. I noticed how much I’ve discovered about blogging since last year when I first started The Life of Pinya blog. I was much more efficient at getting the site up and was able to set more things up ahead of time which will hopefully keep me more organized. It’s always nice to see yourself making progress on something.

With the slates clean, and the first day over, I’m super excited for this year of school because something about it just feels good.

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