Innovation Diploma Enters its Second Year

And so, the journey continues. As ID enters our second year now, I’ve had a lot of people ask me how that’s going to work. Well like all great ideas, feedback has lead to iteration two. This is some of the exciting stuff we have planned for year 2 of the Innovation Diploma!!!

I wonder...

As we head into our second year in the Innovation Diploma startup, I’d like to share a few exciting developments for our program:

  • We’ve more than doubled in size in our second year of existence – we have 25 enrolled!
  • Innovation Diploma now includes a Maker component
  • We have two new facilitators on the team: Trey Boden and T.J. Edwards
  • We’re building and testing an incredibly rich system of badges
  • Two Innovation Diploma students have built and launched their own AP course
  • The entire iD team is headed to the in March to work a design challenge
  • We now have two internationally recognized design thinking facilitators who happen to be students

I cannot quite capture all of the growth and momentum that is taking place for this program, but this post is meant to summarize a bit of our growth and some of the pivots we are taking in the second year…

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