Past to Future: Storytelling, Where Will it Go Next?

Yay, I’ve officially posted my first post to my new AP Lang blog site! One of our goals is to share our big thoughts and questions with larger audiences so as of Friday, along with creating this first blog prompt, we’ve decided to create a new hashtag, #IDHacksAP so we can tweet out our thoughts to hopefully start conversations with a community of curious learners like us! Can’t wait for the experience to continue after this monumental first step in our latest innovation!!

From Moment to Memory


For most people, at some point in high school you learned about The Hero’s Journey. This journey is the typical pattern seen in most books and movies, and in general most stories.

Joseph Campbell, a great philosopher on storytelling,  created this concept after recognizing these patterns in the early 1900s and now it’s regarded as the secret sauce to creating a great story. The process describes the path a hero must take as he/she faces many challenges and meets new people along the way to help him/her reach their final destination.

However, storytelling as a whole has been evolving over the years. In the early years of human history, storytelling was always done orally. People would share stories on where to hunt for food, or stories of religion or memories being passed down from old to young.

It wasn’t long though before pictures started to be incorporated into storytelling. Scientist…

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